Africa's Lost Classics

ALC Black 42017 is a special year for the consortium of the five African Film Festivals in the UK, TANO (‘five’ in Swahili), as we collectively revisit the history of African cinema. With this project we bring (back) to UK screens some of the greatest African films ever. Old and lost films have been rediscovered, and we have enabled the restoration of three African women’s films. The programme includes films and events that take place during AiM in Scotland and around the UK at the other African film festivals, during Oct and Nov 2017. An Exhibition entitled African Film: Looking Back Through the Lens, a Symposium on Curating the Global Film Archive takes place in Scotland and a Workshop and Teaching Resources add to the film experiences.

Download our teaching resources here:

- Britains-History-of-Race-Relations.pdf (to accompany the films Rage and Jemima and Johnny)

- Classic-African-Animation.pdf  (to accompany a range of African animation films) 


TANO consists of Africa in Motion Film Festival, Film Africa in London, Afrika Eye in Bristol, Watch-Africa in Wales and the Cambridge African Film Festival.

Africa’s Lost Classics is a 1-year AHRC-funded project run by Dr. Lizelle Bisschoff (University of Glasgow) and Professor David Murphy (University of Stirling), and coordinated by Dr. Stefanie Van de Peer (University of Glasgow).

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