Paisley Mini African Film Festival

In support of Paisley 2021 this year the festival is moving outside of the city centre, packing its mobile cinema and heading to Paisley. Through partnerships with West of Scotland Regional Equality Council and Pachedu, AiM has been able to work with the local community to support them in curating their own mini-festival.

The pop-up festival will screen a diverse film programme for everyone to enjoy. The day will start with a selection of short films for children as curious-minded little ones can become intrepid AfriKids by taking a cinematic adventure across the wild and wonderful African continent. This will be followed by an afternoon screening of the Kenya feature film Watatu, a film focused on a young university graduate struggling with discrimination. Finally the day will draw to a close with a screening of new documentary, Fonko, merging urban club sounds with traditional African music, Fonko tells the stories of Africa as heard from some of the most innovative musicians on the continent. This screening will be followed by an open mic night. 


More information about films in the programme here: 


Various | South Africa/Sierra Leone/Nigeria 2015, 1h24m

11am at St Ninians Church, 11 Nov

Watatu (Three People)

Nick Reding | Kenya 2015 | 1h11m | Kiswahili with English subtitles | 15

2pm at St Ninians Church, 11 Nov


Göran Olsson, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén | Sweden and Germany 2016 | 1h29m | English, Erench, Portuguese and Wollof with English subtitles | 15

7pm at St Ninians Church, 11 Nov